Remodeling a home is a serious and expensive project. The exact average cost of renovating a home cannot be accurately calculated; it all depends on the extent of your renovation work, the materials you are using, labour cost, and your negotiations skill. Homeowners in the United States spend between $14,000 to $42,000 on home remodeling. With this disparity in cost, there is no one size fits all explanation for how much is spent on home remodeling, and the best that can be done is to estimate. However, there are certain aspects of home remodeling that costs most for obvious reasons; we look at the parts of a remodeling where you should expect to spend more money.


One of the rooms that are usually remodeled is the kitchen; the importance of this room to the convenience of the homeowners and the resale value of the house is something that cannot be disputed. However, when it comes to cost, it is arguably the most expensive room to remodel, and the cabinets take a large chunk of this cost. About 40% of the total cost spent on the complete remodeling of a kitchen would be spent on cabinets, which is especially true where you are replacing the cabinets completely. Cabinets could cost as low as $3000 and as high as $24000 depending on many factors, such as whether it is how it is made, the material used, the quality of the material, and the size.


One of the most expensive parts of remodeling is plumbing, which is why it is advisable to leave the plumbing intact. Changing your home plumbing is the money going down a literal drain, and you will see your cost rise astronomically. This is because you won’t just be spending on laying new pipes; there would also be demolition to remove the old one, among other expenses. Unless something is truly wrong with the pipes that require fixing, let it be.


Home painting is also another costly expense when remodeling is concerned. It is more expensive when you are painting a relatively smaller space because the cost of preparing the paint remains the same regardless of how much paint you’re going to need. Interior paint is also more costly due to the type of paint that would be used. In order to ensure the safety of you and high family, low or zero VOC paints are the best, and of course, it costs more. For more painting information click here to talk to Oahu painting contractors.


If for any reason, your home remodeling includes replacing the roof, then you are going to spend big. You can try to avoid overspending by getting different quotes and comparing before picking the most favorable one. The cost would depend on the kind of roof you are going for РAsphalt roofing costs between $120 to $400 per 100 square foot. Terra cotta tiles cost $600 to $4000 per 100 square feet. Slate costs between $800 to $4000 per 100 square feet. Metal roofing sheets cost $500 to $1800 per 100 square foot.


Whether you are using concrete or hardwood, flooring will cost you money. Even if you decide to use carpets which are cheaper than the other two, you still have to spend to make it truly comfortable and great for your home